Friday, 7 October 2016

The one in which loafers become a staple | FASHION

Those Gucci Princetown loafers were love at first sight. I have never been obsessed with a pair of shoes so much so that I tried them on TWICE and dreamt about them but alas! The shoes and I could not unite mainly because $750 for a pair of shoes is not in my budget ATM. 

Nevertheless, the shoes were going to be mine even if they weren't in a white Gucci bag. 

I searched high and low for the perfect loafers that would substitute the Gucci hole in my heart. After weeks of researching - I found them! 

There they were. 
Sitting in the window in Wanted Shoes, the last place I would have thought, TBH.

I went in and asked for my size, which is a UK 7 but they were far too small, so sizing up is important for any backless pair of shoes. 
But oh my fate! 
They didn't have it in my size so I back ordered a pair and the three-day wait was filled with outfit ideas and Instagram picture layouts. Needless to say, I was obsessed with these shoes. 

They finally came!


These beauties are called the Georges and they were $130 AUD. That's a total saving of $620! 
(Unfortunately, the black pair of unavailable, but I've linked the gold ones down below.)

I'm glad that a pair of elegant shoes has become a trend instead of those strappy Chloe heels. 
I've been wearing them every single day and this is a con to these babies. The back sole of the shoe is bound to get ruined easily, so I would recommend to get rubber soles to enhance wear. 


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