Thursday, 9 June 2016

The one in which Pitt Street becomes home | FASHION

Addicted is a strong word but I am using it wisely. 
I am addicted to shopping. 
Sydney's Pitt Street is one of my favourite places to shop. Not only does it have the best cafes but high street stores such as Zara, Toyshop, H&M and luxury brands such as Chanel, Prada, Michael Kors and Ted Baker. 
I went shopping about two months ago and did some major damage to the old bank account and thought I'd show you some of my favourite items that I found. 
Z a r a  J u m p e r  |  I am in love with this slouchy jumper from Zara. It was around $45 which is a steal for such amazing quality. This jumper/shirt is oversized and slushy in all the right areas and is super versatile. It goes with jeans, skirts and pants. 
Zara is an amazing place to find such steals and is one of those shops where you have to look in every nook and cranny for something delicate. The shop usually restocks every two weeks so go which means I'm poor by the end of the month. Ha ha. 

M i c h a e l  K o r s  E s p a d r i l l e s  | I have to admit that these were a pricey pair of shoes ($130 to be exact) but I wear them everyday. They are comfy and the colour goes with everything. The leather is soft and it looks better with every wear. 
These shoes and I were meant to be - they were the last pair in this colour and my size in the entire store and I adore them! 

T e d  B a k e r  S h o u l d e r  B a g  | I have been lusting over a Ted Baker bag for years and this was one perfect when I bought it. It's reversible with a tan side and black side and a gorgeous gold chain. It's versatile but doesn't hold much which is a shame. 
But a lot has changed since I bought this bag - I still adore the bag no doubt - but I've been using backpacks more often and boy oh boy does it store much more and not hurt my shoulders! 

I think I may talk about my bag choices in another blog post and an in-dpeth review of Zara cause it a piece of heaven. 

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