Friday, 10 June 2016

The one in which you learn to rule university # 1 | LIFESTYLE

Yesterday was my last final for my second semester and freedom has never felt so good. 
I quite enjoy university and assignments (nerd much?) and I believe that everything should be completed at least three days prior to the due date. 
Yes. I am that student that asks for homework. Don't hate me.

Anywhoo, I thought I would share a few secrets to my study techniques. I may have to break this up into two parts...

C O M M I T | University isn't like school where the teachers are going to count your presence in class and sit and explain what went wrong. If anything, university will leave you feeling somewhat independent and very stressed out. But before you even decide to have those restless nights, you have to commit to your education. 
It's not easy and the amount of time and effort that goes into university studies is profoundly worrying so make sure that once you begin you commit to it. No one is going to be cheering you on for every move you make - you have to encourage yourself.

A T T E N D | Attending some classes is extremely helpful, whereas other classes just put you to sleep. I am a victim to lecture naps and though they are risky, they sure are satisfying. Teachers often judge your holistic attitude towards your studies based on your attendee and contribution in the class. So speak up in class.

R E A D | Usually unit outlines are provided before the semester begins. Make sure you read those outlines as they help you understand what assignments there are, when they are due and how much the weigh. 

P L A N | I have bought sooooo many planners in anticipation that I would start planning with sticky notes, highlights etc but let's face it - it was never going to happen. For me, I like simple lists. 
I found this weekly planner from Etsy and use it every week to note down any due tasks etc. 

D R A F T | Start your essays waaaaaay before the due date. Write up drafts and essay plans beforehand and research the topic. Essay plans are the most amazing things ever! They fast-pace the actual essay writing and make it easier to form paragraphs. 

Hope that helped somehow!

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