Thursday, 13 October 2016


Subscription emails are often overlooked but when COS email's a 50% off sale notification, it would be rude to disregard such an email. Needless to say I was feeling #spendy. 

Lily Pebbles (one of my favourite bloggers) often shops's at COS and I love the minimal yet chic look of the clothes and when I heard that they opened a store in Sydney, well, I was pretty happy. 
My first visit COS was overwhelming with the intense price tags but quality was immaculate. Pure cotton and silk shirts handing in colour coordinated sections. My OCD was a peace. 
COS prices start from $80 AUD to $400 AUD which is hearty compared to Zara and HM, which to be honest I'm not liking nowadays...but more on that later.

I picked up a gorgeous blush tunic from my first visit then stayed abstained myself from going into the store. 

Then 50% off happened.  
Original price - $115.00
Reduced price - $57.50
Original price - $86.00
Reduced price - $44.50
Shirt: original price - $135.00
Reduced price - $67.50
Jeans: original price - $99.00
Reduced price- $49.50

In all, I spent ALOT. 
I adore everything.

COS is a great shop if you're looking for modest clothing, which is why I love it. 
Ootd's coming soon.

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Monday, 10 October 2016

Milestones & Designer Purchases

As much as I am a firm believer in minimizing one's wardrobe (a future post) and lifestyle, and also saving money - I love designer products.  

I don't own any luxury designer products like Chanel or YSL but I would like for that to change. 

However, the stigma attached to designer brands gets in the way of a happy and guilt-free purchase. 
My husband rolls his eyes every time "Chanel" is uttered from my mouth, haha. 

But the urge for designer pieces doesn't exactly flutter away that easily. So I created a wishlist, late last night,  of all the items that I would love to own and then logged onto my online bank account. 
Let's just say, it wasn't a match made in heaven. 

My stomach churned in worry if I would ever be able to earn and save enough money to buy something that makes me happy.

Of course, I can. After all, money is not my master, but my slave (in less harmful terms).
I'd have to adjust my spendings and savings to my own lifestyle and think about my long-term goals, which are a handful of conformist dreams - the house, the kids, the ultimate retirement. 

I sat up in bed and scrolled through my Pinterest, trying to wipe the bad taste of anxiety away from my mouth and that's when I came across this image. 

(image from Pinterest) 

Not where anyone else is. 
Currently: I am a full-time Uni student who earns a decent amount of money and works hard at Uni. 

I have good saving skills and milestones in life that are to come.  

Me. Not those YouTubers whom I can't possibly measure my life too. 

The end result = save money for wishlist items and purchase them when I hit a life milestone. That way I don't have extreme guilt and it's not too much for my bank account (or husband) to handle. 
Responsibility? Check.

Also, a little PSA, I suppose. When thinking or purchasing a designer piece, be sure buy something that suits your lifestyle. Not the YouTuber who watch, or the girl who eyes your things like a magpie. Buy something that fits your wardrobe and life.

So what are these milestones and designer purchases I dream about?  

1. Gucci Princetown Embroidered Leather Slippers | $825  
Ugh. Never have a pair of shoes made my heart skip a beat more than these Gucci loafers. I want them all...

When? I get into Sydney University for my second year of my undergrad in 2017. 

2. YSL Card Holder | $330

When? I turn twenty-one in 11 days.

3. Chanel Medium Classic Flap in Lambskin | $3780

Need I say more?

When? I graduate from the undergraduate program in 2018.

With, dedication to my savings plan and my undying want for these items - I think hope this wishlist becomes part of my wardrobe. 

 It's not wrong to want nice things, it's actually human nature to get the best for yourself. 

In the end, this may just be a post I write to make myself feel better, but hey, at least my family now know what I want, haha. 

In the words of Ms. Beauregarde; "eyes on the prize Violet, eyes on the prize". 

Friday, 7 October 2016

The one in which loafers become a staple | FASHION

Those Gucci Princetown loafers were love at first sight. I have never been obsessed with a pair of shoes so much so that I tried them on TWICE and dreamt about them but alas! The shoes and I could not unite mainly because $750 for a pair of shoes is not in my budget ATM. 

Nevertheless, the shoes were going to be mine even if they weren't in a white Gucci bag. 

I searched high and low for the perfect loafers that would substitute the Gucci hole in my heart. After weeks of researching - I found them! 

There they were. 
Sitting in the window in Wanted Shoes, the last place I would have thought, TBH.

I went in and asked for my size, which is a UK 7 but they were far too small, so sizing up is important for any backless pair of shoes. 
But oh my fate! 
They didn't have it in my size so I back ordered a pair and the three-day wait was filled with outfit ideas and Instagram picture layouts. Needless to say, I was obsessed with these shoes. 

They finally came!


These beauties are called the Georges and they were $130 AUD. That's a total saving of $620! 
(Unfortunately, the black pair of unavailable, but I've linked the gold ones down below.)

I'm glad that a pair of elegant shoes has become a trend instead of those strappy Chloe heels. 
I've been wearing them every single day and this is a con to these babies. The back sole of the shoe is bound to get ruined easily, so I would recommend to get rubber soles to enhance wear. 


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The one in which my adored makeup bits make an appearance | BEAUTY

I've come to realise that I fall into the trap of bullshit advertising too easily. YouTube beauty videos have raided my wallet for a bit too long and I've decided to take a huge step back and use simple, cost-friendly makeup products that I actually may be able to finish. 

Growing up, I always had good luck with my skin. I hardly ever broke out and or had skin concerns. But all that has changed. A couple of months ago, I started having breakouts around my cheeks. At first, I ignored it but my cheeks became itchy and red. I stayed away from makeup and used a prescribed serum which is slowing getting rid of the scarring but I missed my makeup routine. So I rummaged through my makeup stash and rekindled my love for some products that have made wearing makeup simple and are kind to my skin. 

1. Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Teint | I have a whole blog post dedicated to this product. I love it that much. It's light, covers a decent amount without looking cakey and smells like heaven.

2. Bare Minerals Stroke Of Light | This was a random purchase I made at Mecca but it had been an amazing find! I went for a shade lighter than my skin tone and use it under my eyes, on my nose, cheekbones and forehead to give a light and natural highlight. It's easy to blend and doesn't crease.

3. NYX Tame & Frame Eyebrow Pomade | I just started filling in my brows and OMG my life is forever changed! I've always had bold eyebrows so I never thought about filling them in but I took a chance at a BeneFit counter once and tried some Ka-Brow and it was amazing! However, I wasn't going to buy a product with that price tag unless I loved the whole brow thing. REVELATION! I freaking love it! Highly recommended this and always use a spoolie after applying any product of your brows to spread it out ane make it even.

4. Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara | A simple, easy to use mascara that works easily and gives longer lashes. No drama.

5. Zoeva Blush in Burning Up | I don't use this every day as I don't like to accentuate my acne scarring in my cheeks but sometimes when I feel a bland, I like to add a bit of this peachy brown shade. It's a sheer colour and blends well. 

Sunday, 12 June 2016

The one where a Topshop coat takes over my wardrobe | OOTD

A good trench coat can change an entire outfit, making it uber chic and sophisticated. I own more than two coats which is unnecessary but I am addicted to finding the perfect coat (s). 

I found this beauty at Topshop on sale for just $70! It was an amazing find and I am super happy with it. I usually don't find anything that suits me from Topshop but after scavenging my way through the sale racks, I found this steal and it was calling my name. 
Lesson of the story - always look through sale racks and shops you would never go into! 

Saturday, 11 June 2016

The one in which Rumi makes me fall in love | LIFESTYLE

I loved reading when I was kid. I was my way of escaping the lonely dinner parties and long car rides home from school. But as I grew up I left the words and become much more engrossed in the world of social media. But I miss it. I miss reading and flying away to another time and place and I desperately needed a book to bring me back to the thing that I loved entirely. 

And then I found it.
And it was amazing.

Elif Shafak's Forty Rules of Love is beyond amazing. I am late to the bandwagon as the book came out a couple of years ago but nevertheless it didn't matter. 

The novel is set in two different centuries and multiple perspectives which is somewhat confusing but adds to the drama in the novel. Shafak successfully uses so many different voices to tell the story of two scholars Sham of Tabriz and Rumi and how they come together. She also tells the story of Elle and her modern life in 2009 and the effect Rumi has made in her life.

The forty rules of love by Shams of Tabriz are profound and made me ponder over life, love and Islam, somehow making me fall in love with my religion all over again! 

I read the book in two days and couldn't put it down! I adored every second and cannot wait to pick up other books written by Elif Shafak. She is a definite inspiration to my literature geek self.

I highly recommend the book for anyone who likes semi-romantic, finding yourself, history books.

Thank you Elif Shafak for letting me become myself again!

Friday, 10 June 2016

The one in which you learn to rule university # 1 | LIFESTYLE

Yesterday was my last final for my second semester and freedom has never felt so good. 
I quite enjoy university and assignments (nerd much?) and I believe that everything should be completed at least three days prior to the due date. 
Yes. I am that student that asks for homework. Don't hate me.

Anywhoo, I thought I would share a few secrets to my study techniques. I may have to break this up into two parts...

C O M M I T | University isn't like school where the teachers are going to count your presence in class and sit and explain what went wrong. If anything, university will leave you feeling somewhat independent and very stressed out. But before you even decide to have those restless nights, you have to commit to your education. 
It's not easy and the amount of time and effort that goes into university studies is profoundly worrying so make sure that once you begin you commit to it. No one is going to be cheering you on for every move you make - you have to encourage yourself.

A T T E N D | Attending some classes is extremely helpful, whereas other classes just put you to sleep. I am a victim to lecture naps and though they are risky, they sure are satisfying. Teachers often judge your holistic attitude towards your studies based on your attendee and contribution in the class. So speak up in class.

R E A D | Usually unit outlines are provided before the semester begins. Make sure you read those outlines as they help you understand what assignments there are, when they are due and how much the weigh. 

P L A N | I have bought sooooo many planners in anticipation that I would start planning with sticky notes, highlights etc but let's face it - it was never going to happen. For me, I like simple lists. 
I found this weekly planner from Etsy and use it every week to note down any due tasks etc. 

D R A F T | Start your essays waaaaaay before the due date. Write up drafts and essay plans beforehand and research the topic. Essay plans are the most amazing things ever! They fast-pace the actual essay writing and make it easier to form paragraphs. 

Hope that helped somehow!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

The one in which Pitt Street becomes home | FASHION

Addicted is a strong word but I am using it wisely. 
I am addicted to shopping. 
Sydney's Pitt Street is one of my favourite places to shop. Not only does it have the best cafes but high street stores such as Zara, Toyshop, H&M and luxury brands such as Chanel, Prada, Michael Kors and Ted Baker. 
I went shopping about two months ago and did some major damage to the old bank account and thought I'd show you some of my favourite items that I found. 
Z a r a  J u m p e r  |  I am in love with this slouchy jumper from Zara. It was around $45 which is a steal for such amazing quality. This jumper/shirt is oversized and slushy in all the right areas and is super versatile. It goes with jeans, skirts and pants. 
Zara is an amazing place to find such steals and is one of those shops where you have to look in every nook and cranny for something delicate. The shop usually restocks every two weeks so go which means I'm poor by the end of the month. Ha ha. 

M i c h a e l  K o r s  E s p a d r i l l e s  | I have to admit that these were a pricey pair of shoes ($130 to be exact) but I wear them everyday. They are comfy and the colour goes with everything. The leather is soft and it looks better with every wear. 
These shoes and I were meant to be - they were the last pair in this colour and my size in the entire store and I adore them! 

T e d  B a k e r  S h o u l d e r  B a g  | I have been lusting over a Ted Baker bag for years and this was one perfect when I bought it. It's reversible with a tan side and black side and a gorgeous gold chain. It's versatile but doesn't hold much which is a shame. 
But a lot has changed since I bought this bag - I still adore the bag no doubt - but I've been using backpacks more often and boy oh boy does it store much more and not hurt my shoulders! 

I think I may talk about my bag choices in another blog post and an in-dpeth review of Zara cause it a piece of heaven. 

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The one where Chanel is the hero | BEAUTY

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the packing of Chanel! Ugh. Perfection. 

Anywhoo, I adore this product. It's a lightweight foundation to light to medium coverage - perfect for everyday use as it's not to heavy or cake-y. 
I picked this up about two months ago at a Chanel counter at David Jones and the woman who served me was so nice! 

Initially, I wanted to try the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua as Suzie from Hello October raves about it but the lady at the counter suggested that the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet would be a better option for my needs, which were - a light foundation with a flawless finish.

This is such a good first time foundation and through it comes with a hefty price tag, it is totally worth it. It smells and feel super luxurious which is always a bonus. This product used with a beauty blender gives such a flawless look to the face which is always nice when you're skin is looking poorly. 

I wouldn't recommend this product for anyone who wants heavy coverage as though this is a build able product, it is quite sheer. 

Overall, I'm super glad I picked this up as a 'treat yourself' buy!

Monday, 6 June 2016

The post where you get to know me | HELLO!

I have done this before. The writing, the picture-taking - the whole blogging shabang but it was getting too much. I wasn't writing as me anymore, I was writing as the person I wanted to be and than it hit me.
I can be that person.
The person that takes amazing photos.
The person who puts time and effort into all posts.
The person that doesn't blog on a whim but because they like it.

So here I am. I am being that person.

Basically, my name is Kulsoom (cool.soom), I'm twenty and a professional wallflower, aspiring writer/publisher, literature major and Instagram connoisseur (at least I like to think I am). My favorite pastimes include Netflix-ing, editing pictures and pretending my life is a sitcom...this is beginning to sound like a Tinder profile but I've already got a ring on that finger.

So that's about it. I'm nothing special but I hope Becoming Austen becomes something special.

PS. I live for Jane Austen, hence the name. Duh.