Thursday, 13 October 2016


Subscription emails are often overlooked but when COS email's a 50% off sale notification, it would be rude to disregard such an email. Needless to say I was feeling #spendy. 

Lily Pebbles (one of my favourite bloggers) often shops's at COS and I love the minimal yet chic look of the clothes and when I heard that they opened a store in Sydney, well, I was pretty happy. 
My first visit COS was overwhelming with the intense price tags but quality was immaculate. Pure cotton and silk shirts handing in colour coordinated sections. My OCD was a peace. 
COS prices start from $80 AUD to $400 AUD which is hearty compared to Zara and HM, which to be honest I'm not liking nowadays...but more on that later.

I picked up a gorgeous blush tunic from my first visit then stayed abstained myself from going into the store. 

Then 50% off happened.  
Original price - $115.00
Reduced price - $57.50
Original price - $86.00
Reduced price - $44.50
Shirt: original price - $135.00
Reduced price - $67.50
Jeans: original price - $99.00
Reduced price- $49.50

In all, I spent ALOT. 
I adore everything.

COS is a great shop if you're looking for modest clothing, which is why I love it. 
Ootd's coming soon.

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